The «Tessile Crabolu Srl» is a textile factory situated in the heart of Sardinia, in Nule, where the tradition of wool and farns manufacturing is still alive and hands down from generation to generation.
The company of Crabolu brothers, born in 1982 to continuate the activity undertaken many years before by the parents, follows the best tradition and handcrafted sardinian creativity, producing and commercializing in all the world traditional carpets, wool and farns. The factory produces and commercializes finished and semi-finished products even for somebody else. The productive factory, situated at S.Giovanni, in the village of Bitti, has lines for carding, spinning and texture of natural and synthetic fibres. The great success reached during the participation to the most prestigious international fairs and the commercial requirements from all the world urged the factory to invest constantly, diversifying the texture products and increasing the assortment. Recently, further investments have been stellated in the research and development field, and in the Quality. Moreover, the factory will obtain soon the Quality Certification ISO 9000.The excellent results and the prestigious acknowledgements obtained are the fruits of work and passion of Crabolu brothers, that succedeed to trasform their Know-how, deriving from the handcrafted experience of the family, gearing it to the industrial logic, necessary to face up to a market always in evolution. Their target had been gained in the respect of the sardinian traditions of the textile manufacturing.